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Shoe & Foot Models-Sassy Foot Fashion
Welcome to the latest fashion brand in the fashion industry.
“You Gotta Love The Shoes!!” Ladies and Women in the city….enjoy the wonders of shoe and foot fashion. Shoes defines a woman’s body. Shoes can make or break a woman’s outfit. You will get great reviews on the hottest shoe fashion in the shoe industry. If you love shoe fashion and beautiful feet……you are in the right place.

Fashion Tips

29 January 
Nail Trends for 2015: The Best Nail Art Trends for the New Year If your nail polish collection puts your shoe stack to shame then you might wanna put down your cuticle stick and let your lacquer dry for a few minutes because this trend could come in rather handy.

29 January 
Spring Foot Care Fashion Tips Spring is here; many women have no idea what to wear, or how to wear it. Nothing pulls together an outfit better than a pair of cute shoes...

15 January 
2015 Fashion No! No! Stop Impulse Buying What usually happens is that the impulse purchase sits unworn in your wardrobe while you ponder what to wear with it or have to splash more cash on something new...

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Runway4-op-web Paris Fashion Week Sep 29 - Oct 7, 2015
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